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Company Profile

Worldwide TechServices is a global leader in delivering technology services and solutions to the world’s most demanding clients. We provide infrastructure support and professional services to the world’s leading technology providers, outsourcers, large and small businesses and consumers. Our 3,000 technicians service over 3 million PCs, printers, servers, satellites and LCDs each year in over 50 countries around the world.

Company History

Our corporate history dates back to 1951, where what is now known as Worldwide TechServices started out as a division of Wang Labs. Fast forward to 1995 when Wang acquired Group Bull, Dataserv, Bannex, and Olsy. In 1999, Getronics acquired Wang, and in the year 2000 the service division was spun out as a standalone company named QualxServ.

In 2009, QualxServ acquired BancTec’s ITSM division, propelling it from a US-based service company to a global service provider. Later that same year, to reflect its rich heritage and global reach, QualxServ was repositioned as Worldwide TechServices.

Today Worldwide TechServices provides infrastructure and professional services on a variety of technologies and platforms, including:


Personal Computing Devices Server & Storage Devices
Networking &
Communications Devices
Printing & Imaging Devices Monitor & Display Devices Satellite Devices Specialty Devices Point of Sale Devices


Our Clients




Service Coverage

United States Service coverage in all 50 States. Next business day service at all locations. Same day service in all major metro locations.
Canada Service coverage in all major metro areas. Next business day and same day at all major metro locations.
Latin America Service coverage in 25 countries. Next business day at most major cities.
Europe Service coverage in nine countries. Next business day at all locations. Same day service in most major metro locations.
Asia Pacific Covered via strategic partnerships.


Service Levels

  • 4-Hour
  • 8-Hour
  • Same Business Day
  • Next Business Day
  • 5 Day Return to Service

Our Locations

For more information on our worldwide locations, click here.