Hotel and Airport WiFi Have Nothing to Feel Insecure About

Do you get nervous when an airport’s WiFi asks for your info? Do you browse off your phone’s hotspot in order to avoid dodgy hotel WiFi? It might put you at ease to hear you’re stressing over *virtually* nothing. These WiFi networks are now more secure than they’re ever been. Why’s that? A little something […]

Lenovo Announces 21 Percent Rise in Q2 Net Profit, Beating Expectations

Chinese PC maker Lenovo Group experiences strong growth during this year’s second quarter, celebrating net profits of $168 million. This 21 percent rise in net profit is a significant boost from last year’s $139 million and analyst’s estimate of $118 million. What contributed to these high returns? An increasingly diverse product mix targeted towards premium, […]

TCS Recognized by Dow Jones Sustainability World Index for Six Years Running

Congratulations, Tata Consultancy Services! The Indian IT giant is recognized for the sixth consecutive year by sustainability leaders worldwide by making the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index. “As more and more companies embed sustainability and social responsibility into their operations, the bar for responsible corporate citizenship rises every year,” said Ajoyendra Mukherjee, Global Head and […]

IT Giant Tech Mahindra Expects Major Growth in Cyber Security Business

Indian IT company Tech Mahindra is preparing for significant growth in its cyber security business within the next three to four years. How much growth, exactly? “We are doing a very humble start even if we grow 30-40 per annum in our business of security. It is fair estimate of what we can put on […]

HP is Targeting Students and First Time PC Buyers in India Through the Refurbished Market

HP has its sights set on India’s PC market – the refurbished one. While it’s still in the beginning stages, HP Inc. is beginning to explore India’s refurbished PC market for first-time buyers, affordable products, and second-hand computers. Refurbished computers are second-hand computers that are either fixed up or pieced together from recycled parts in […]

Credits Platform Joins Lenovo to Develop IoT and AR/VR Hybrid Software

Earlier this month, Credits, a platform specializing in DApps services and launches, announced that it had joined Lenovo’s New Vision Technology Project. The two companies also announced that they are collaborating on an Internet of Things (IoT) and AR/VR Hybrid software development, Lenovo’s New Vision Technology project is geared towards artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented […]

Hughes Service Awards Presented to Worldwide TechServices

Congratulations to everyone involved in supporting Hughes! Bob Johnston, VP, Sales and Client Management – Hughes CMO I’ve had plenty of great highlights in my years working for WWTS, but few are as special as the recent honor I had in accepting several awards from Hughes during the 2018 Hughes Installer Conference (HITS) in Lansdowne, […]

Don’t Write Off the Desktop PC Just Yet

Don’t get ahead of yourself thinking that the desktop PC is gone from your life. Chances are, you’ll still be using one in the office for years to come. A new study from Spiceworks reveals that 68 percent of businesses still use desktop PCs as their primary computer for their employees. This is leagues ahead […]

Before Considering Going Private, Tesla Should Look at Dell

Tesla has been rocking the boat and stealing the spotlight with Elon Musk’s hint that the company could be going private. The argument is that, with lower pressure from Wall Street and public investors, Tesla, and Musk, could focus on more long-term projects and investments without worrying about the consistent returns the public sector demands. […]

Turning Smog into Substance: How Dell is Using Ink Made from Smog to Print its Packaging

We’ve all heard of the many fantastic ways plastic waste, particularly ocean waste, can be repurposed. Many companies in the tech industry are making huge efforts to find creative ways to be more sustainable – and it’s paying off. Some work it into their own manufacturing and supply chain, some partner with and assist new […]