Blockchain: The New Potential Solution To Supply Chain Management

Those familiar with the supply chain management industry know that it faces some major efficiency problems — massive amounts of data, siloed information, and inconsistent formatting, to name just a few. In an industry tasked with handling so much data, making any real workflow change seems like a task for only the brave and endlessly […]

Blockchain Has The Potential To Save The Healthcare Industry Billions Of Dollars

According to a new study by Frost & Sullivan, blockchain can save the healthcare industry billions of dollars by optimizing workflows and disintermediating some high-cost gatekeepers. The study analyzed the vendor landscape, funding trends, and commercial adoption by healthcare stakeholders around the world. Frost & Sullivan’s team analyzed over 250 vendors to understand their blockchain […]

How the Advancement of Blockchain Could Change Business and Entrepreneurship

Throughout the past few years, blockchain technology has made incredible advancements at a very quick pace. We’ve already arrived at blockchain 5.0, and industry insiders believe that the progress of blockchain will continue on toward  a major tech upheaval. The uses of blockchain are far more than just currency and finance, and the applications of […]

Microsoft Is Bringing Quantum Computing To Its Cloud Offerings

A few weeks ago, Microsoft revealed that its cloud computing program will offer access to quantum computers. Quantum mechanics isn’t just the stuff of science fiction movies — it’s a frontier for computing. Microsoft is one of several tech giants investing money in this massive computational power, and the company is now preparing its Azure […]

Dell Plans To Continue Its Trend Towards Growth In The Second Half Of The Fiscal Year

Dell’s recent mid-year partner update showed that the company is confident in its established channel strategy, but recognizes a potential for growth through the end of the fiscal year. In the first half of fiscal 2020, global channel order revenue grew by 11% and distribution revenue grew 9%. Global channel products grew by 6%, server […]

Programming Language, The Building Blocks Of Blockchain

Programming languages are one of the key factors ensuring that blockchain networks and crypto infrastructures are secure. Languages for computers have essentially the same purpose as languages for humans — they enable computers to understand instructions. Even though there is some overlap in the programming languages used to develop conventional software and technology for blockchain […]

How A Big Tech Breakup Would Create A Tech Industry Shake-Up

With the U.S. Department of Justice’s recently opened investigation of tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, Apple, and Google, the idea of big tech breakups has gotten one step closer to becoming a reality. Typically, antitrust regulations are considered a liberal political move, but proposed breakups for tech giants have been gaining bipartisan political and public […]

Introducing Worldwide TechServices Software Solutions

Worldwide TechServices is a full life cycle technology service provider offering software development and digital technology services focused on creating enterprise applications, innovative solutions, and digital user experiences. From startup to enterprise, we develop technology solutions that cater to our client’s strategic goals. We support our clients through open collaboration, solution design services that result […]

How Big Tech is Influencing the Pharmaceutical Industry for the Better

As hospitals and the healthcare industry work to modernize their systems into a more cohesive and flexible network, the pharmaceutical industry is also finding ways to integrate big data. More specifically, the industry is partnering with big tech giants to promote computational drug discovery. Computational drug discovery blends cloud computing and artificial intelligence to decrease […]