Big Things Ahead for Dell as the Company Considers Acquisitions – or Even an IPO

Is Dell Technologies, the world’s largest privately held technology company, finally considering an IPO? Alternatively, is the Texas-based computer maker going to make new acquisitions to shake things up?

We do not know all of the details yet but according to sources close to the matter, Dell’s board of directors meeting later this month will have an exciting impact on the company’s future. The pressure is on to deliver after the company’s EMC deal faltered in providing the cash flows and performance projected.

Acquisition or IPO: How will Dell raise funds and boost revenue?

According to the source, a possible solution for Dell is one of several potential acquisitions to boost the company’s cash flow and expand offerings.

Another possibility is the potential initial public offering (IPO) of Pivotal Software, the California-based software, and services company that’s one of Dell’s fast-growing divisions.

Competitive Times Call for Competitive Measures

One thing is sure: Dell is under some fierce competition in the storage market. This race, in addition to the lackluster performance of EMC, may be contributing to the board’s decision to spice things up a bit.

Mounting pressure from fellow giants Amazon, with AWS, and Microsoft, with Azure, has Dell working hard in a fiercely competitive space as both Azure and AWS profoundly impact server prices.

Source: CNBC, Pivotal, AWS, Azure