Can’t Find Your Ideal Job? It’s Not You… It’s Them

If you’ve been searching for your ideal job and haven’t found it yet, you may need to wait until 2030. According to Dell Technologies, estimates indicate 85 percent of the available jobs in 12 years don’t even exist yet.

This estimation comes as part of a larger report by the Institute for the Future (IFTF) and a panel of 20 technology, business and academic experts from around the world. It takes a look at how emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and automation, will affect society and the workforce.

“The pace of change will be so rapid that people will learn ‘in the moment’ using new technologies, such as augmented reality and virtual reality. The ability to gain new knowledge will be more valuable than the knowledge itself,” Dell Technologies said in a statement.

According to the report, people will no longer have to chase jobs and work – the work will chase them instead. In a global marketplace mirroring today’s exploding “gig economy,” companies will seek out and compete for the best people and technologies to suit their unique needs.

While the report mentions a major shift from full-time work to freelancing and “gigs” is bound to require adjustments on a societal level, it does not echo the concerns of many, which is machines will begin replacing human jobs.

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