Cisco is Branching Out Into Industrial IoT and Networking

Cisco is launching itself into the world of industrial IoT with a complex series of new switches, software, development tools, and IoT blueprints. These tools combine IoT, industrial networking, and intent-based networking while featuring classic IT security, monitoring, and app-development support.

 That’s a daunting task, but Cisco is well prepared to take it on.

The combination of validated IoT network design blueprints, developer tools, and the expansion of Cisco’s DevNet developer program prepares customers to build complex and robust IoT architecture.

“We have over 40,000 customers with IoT technology in all manner of applications, and many face the same challenges in deploying IoT – project complexity, scale, and end-to-end security,” said Vikas Butaney, Cisco’s VP of Product Management for IoT. “We are bringing to those customers a manageable, secure network that will let them deploy IoT at a massive scale.”

At the heart of this development is Cisco’s DNA Center. This management tool allows customers to implement changes to networks and policies while ensuring data delivery.

“Now that there is a lot of application development and deployment being done at the ‘Extended Enterprise,’ it is only natural that a company such as Cisco follows with its capabilities in software,” explains Vernon Turner, Principal and Chief Strategist at Causeway Connections. “In particular, the ability to drive intent-based network functionality is critical for industrial-based workloads that now demand traditional IT-based attributes such as security, scale and flexibility.”

The combination of new hardware, software, support, and the addition of an IoT Dev Center to Cisco’s pre-existing DevNet developer platform means the company has prepared a complex and innovative environment for its customers to make the most of industrial IoT in their enterprise businesses and networks.





Source: NetworkWorld, Cisco, Causeway Connections