Cisco’s Right on Track, AKA Right Where it’s Always Been

Remember a few years ago when every tech company dropped what they were doing to collectively champion software as the be-all-end-all of enterprise computing needs?

Yeah, we do too.

When the tech world realized that everything was headed for the public cloud, hardware lost its hype and its funding as nearly every company began focusing exclusively on software products and services – every company except Cisco.

While Cisco trotted out its fair share of new software offerings, the company was steadfast about retaining and investing in its hardware and edge.

Luckily for Cisco, it didn’t take long for the rest of the industry to backtrack and recognize that software inherently relies on strong, and sometimes specialized, hardware to back it up. Cisco’s insistence on sticking with hardware as well as buffing up its software offerings means the company is in the prime position now that enterprise customers recognize the importance of both.

“We’re unique,” said Miyuki Suzuki, President for Cisco Asia Pacific, Japan, and Greater China. “Because we’re never going to give up on hardware. We’re never going to be one or the other.”

This mindset served Cisco well as it finds itself today in a position to offer a wide range of software, hardware, edge, and hybrid solutions for their enterprise customers. It is also adding an increasing number of standardized APIs to its products so that developers can make the most of as-a-Service offerings from Cisco.

“Increasingly we’re finding customers want things on a recurring subscription model and also as-a-Service so that they don’t actually have to manage the asset,” Suzuki said.




Source: Forbes, Cisco