Could HP and Dell Get Back Together?

It is an interesting question. Dell and HP’s complicated history is very love/hate but will HP’s recent split from HPE open doors to reconciliation between the two companies?

Dell has made it clear its long-term goal is to command digital convergence in the future. Experts agree highly connected, automated, intelligent systems will drive the future of business tech, and Dell is determined to own the biggest piece of the pie. The plan, if executed correctly, will see all elements of Dell Technologies working together with partners, like Intel and Microsoft, to make Dell potentially more formidable than both Google and Amazon are today.

That’s a pretty big piece of pie.

A wave of strategic decisions, such as the acquisition of EMC and the privatization of the company, put Dell in an excellent position to achieve its goal. The company is only missing one critical piece: robots. This is where HP comes in.

HP has dedicated itself to the manufacturing and distribution of 3D printers, something that can turn HP’s large print unit from what was considered a liability into its vital asset.

As of now, HP is the only firm in its class creating and shipping 3D printers. And 3D printers are, essentially, robots. With the rise of AI and its ties to the future of business tech, it may not take long for HP to expand its manufacturing to include robots of other kinds as well.

So, Dell and HP may both be looking at strategic futures that blend quite nicely. Dell is looking to create centralized, integrated solutions managed automatically by AI controllers – but they are missing the robots.

HP seeks to build ever-more-capable 3D printers, which are inherently complex robots in need of being integrated into the types of solutions Dell Technologies is creating.

Dell needs the robots; HP needs access to the comprehensive AI-driven connected solution necessary to place 3D printers into manufacturing lines.

Will we see them in bed together again? We will have to wait and see.


Sources: TechNewsWorld