Credits Platform Joins Lenovo to Develop IoT and AR/VR Hybrid Software

Earlier this month, Credits, a platform specializing in DApps services and launches, announced that it had joined Lenovo’s New Vision Technology Project. The two companies also announced that they are collaborating on an Internet of Things (IoT) and AR/VR Hybrid software development,

Lenovo’s New Vision Technology project is geared towards artificial intelligence (AI) and augmented reality (AR) projects. The company plans on providing solutions and support in the realms of AI and AR to its partners in terms of infrastructure, platform development, hardware support, system integration, and service assurance.

So how does Credits come in? Blockchain.

Credits is an autonomous blockchain platform and specializes in scalable blockchain. According to the press release, Credits “will utilize their blockchain expertise to help facilitate building software” for Lenovo’s New Vision project.

“The Internet of Things and augmented reality are already changing the way we interact with the world. We are excited to partner with AR titan Lenovo New Vision. I see the combination of AI/AR and IoT revolutionizing the business environment,” says Credits CEO and Founder Igor Chugunov.

It appears that Lenovo has chosen a fantastic partner for its new venture. Credits’ list of partners includes over one hundred startups that are using the Credits platform to develop DApp services across the blockchain system.



Source: Coin Telegraph, Medium, Credits, Lenovo