Dell EMC Surging Ahead in the Global Server Market

Research from Gartner shows that Dell EMC is pulling ahead of competitors in the global server market, and took the top position for the first three months of 2018. The company took pole position in both revenue and shipments, beating out HPE, Lenovo, and IBM.

Dell EMC took 21.5 percent market share in revenue and 18.2 percent in shipments. This is on top of the tech giant experiencing 51.4 percent revenue growth in the worldwide server market for Q1 2018.

What’s contributing to this massive growth?

Gartner reports that increased spending on both hyperscale cloud infrastructure as well as enterprise and mid-size data centres are causing a boom in global server revenue.

“Enterprises and midsize businesses are in the process of investing in their on-premises and colocation infrastructure to support server replacements and growth requirements even as they continue to invest in public cloud solutions,” says Jeffrey Hewitt, VP at Gartner Research.

This is great news for Dell EMC, as they stand in the prime position to take advantage of a market that is forecasted to continue to grow at a massive rate.

Gartner predicts that spending on public cloud services will reach $186.4 billion this year.



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