Dell is Pulling its Weight (2 Billion Pounds of It) in Recycled E-Waste

Dell is well known for its Legacy of Good campaign, and for good reason. It is one of the leading technology companies when it comes to recycling responsibly and contributing to the environmental conservation movement through its e-waste management practices.

Dell’s Legacy of Good campaign goal was to recycle two billion pounds of e-waste by 2020. Thanks to the tremendous effort it invested in the project, Dell announced it reached that goal two years early in 2018.

So, what exactly is Dell recycling? An extensive amount of recycled consumer plastics, carbon fiber waste, and gold from motherboards contributed to this  accomplishment. Dell has even expanded on its goal to include an additional 100 million pounds of recycled materials by this year’s Earth Day.

Dell reuses these materials in a number of ways, including using recycled e-waste in a number of its desktop, server, monitor, and laptop products lines. Dell also partners with Indian startup Chakr Innovation, which turns gas emitted by diesel generators into ink.

Dell is a leader in this space, but hardly the only technology company committed to green practices in its supply chain. Apple recently released a series of MacBooks made from 100 percent recycled aluminum. Another heavy hitter is Best Buy, which is the number one recycler of electronic waste in the U.S.

Feeling energized after reading this? Want to contribute to the movement yourself? Do you have any old or outdated electronics clogging up your home? Take it to Best Buy (they will recycle it responsibly for you) and contribute to the e-waste recycling movement!



Source: Digital Trends, Digitimes, Chakr, Dell, Best Buy