HP Cruises Past Dell and Apple to Command the U.S. PC Market this Past Quarter

HP Inc. crushed the competition in the U.S. PC market in the first quarter. Not only did it pass Dell, at No. 2, and Apple, coming in at No. 4, but HP was the only major PC vendor gaining first quarter shipment share in the U.S. market, with shipments soaring 16 percent.

These results follow an upward trend for the PC giant, making this the fourth consecutive quarter that HP has maintained its edge over Dell in the U.S. market. Even more impressive, HP is closing the gap in the worldwide PC market with the current No. 1, Lenovo, which ranked No. 3 in the U.S. market.

Solution providers are praising HP for delivering what they’re calling “its most stylish and coolest product portfolio ever.” With increasingly innovative PC design and performance, providers say HP Inc. is delivering on the promise of its split from Hewlett Packard Enterprise 17 months ago.

The CEO of a large Dell partner, who did not want to be identified, said, “HP has become more innovative and is producing better products. I was skeptical when HP announced the split, but it is clearly working. They are growing their PC business by a significant margin.”

The same source notes that Dell’s increasing focus on its data center business may be what’s costing them the lead in the U.S. PC market. This is reflected in Dell’s U.S. PC shipments for the quarter ending March 31, which was down from 3.4 million to 3.2 million in the past year.

The U.S. market isn’t the only the only PC market where HP Inc. is making grand strides. While Lenovo still holds 19.9 percent share of the global market, shipping 12.4 units during the first quarter, HP shipped 12.1 million units in the same time frame, a 6.5 percent growth that delivers it 19.5 percent of the current global PC market. Dell’s global PC business was up 3.4 percent in the quarter, giving it 15 percent of the market.

In terms of growth, Apple’s 4.5 increase in global share in the first quarter came second only to HP’s 6.5 percent increase.

Harry Zarek, CEO of Compugen, one of HP’s top partners, credits the booming success the company is experiencing to its new product designs. He said Stacy Wolff, global head of personal systems design at HP, is emerging as a serious player in the tech design world.

“HP is designing systems that you want to have,” said Zarek. “They are stylish and they have oomph. HP has really delivered on the idea that people want to have a personal relationship with their machine.”

Sources: Recode, CRN