HP is Targeting Students and First Time PC Buyers in India Through the Refurbished Market

HP has its sights set on India’s PC market – the refurbished one. While it’s still in the beginning stages, HP Inc. is beginning to explore India’s refurbished PC market for first-time buyers, affordable products, and second-hand computers.

Refurbished computers are second-hand computers that are either fixed up or pieced together from recycled parts in order to be resold at a lower price.

“One of the big pillars we are focusing on affordability in India. We know in India we have to give the price value proposition. We are looking at is the refurbished market in India. It is a large market and it is largely unorganized,” said Sumeer Chandra, Managing Director of HP Inc in India. “We are looking at it and seeing if there is a way we can participate in the market, either by providing our own refurbished product or come up with an alternate product that would compete with the refurbished product.”

The major targets of HP’s push for affordable products in India are students and first-time PC owners – and this isn’t the company’s first time in the space. HP recently released a line of mini-desktops geared towards Indian students and schools.

The market potential is definitely there. While over 350 million people use smartphones in India, PC adoption has been slow. HP is looking to provide the solution to bridge that gap.

“We do believe that if we can provide a quality solution then we can see more customers walk into that, their willingness to try will be much higher and help drive better adoption. It will help acquire new customers, bring in first time buyers and over time they will buy a new computer,” said Chandra.

HP already has a strong hold in India’s PC market. According to IDC, as of June 2018, it held 32 percent market share in the PC market segment.

As for the refurbished market, HP may be on to something. Flipkart, a site that specializes in selling refurbished electronics, says the market could grow to $20 billion in 5-6 years.


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