Legacy Tech Giants HP and IBM Retain Employees Longer

Research from Payscale, an online salary, benefits, and compensation information company, shows the average tenure at most major tech companies, like Amazon or Google, is only two years. But at IBM and HP, this average bumps up to six and seven years, respectively.

According to additional research, legacy providers IBM and HP manage to retain employees longer and boast an average industry experience of about 10 years, five years more than most newer companies.

In the fierce battle for top tech talent, these averages are strong indicators that these older tech companies are providing what so many other tech companies struggle to provide: a more stable and less stressful work environment. Providing an attractive work environment in addition to a competitively high salary may give companies like IBM and HP an edge over companies like Amazon, which suffers from a low 45 percent approval rating by its employees.

Despite relatively low tenures across the board, many CIOs within are reporting that they are happier with their jobs than ever before.

This comes, in part, from their belief that they’re able to advance innovation, and bring true value in their position and their company’s global purpose. This is demonstrated by Facebook’s 79 percent and Google’s 70 percent of employees, regarding their companies’ global purpose as very satisfactory and impactful.

Source: CIODIVE, PayScale