New Tech Mahindra Technology Center Opens in St. Louis

Tech Mahindra, a leading Indian software company, recently announced the development of a new technology center in St. Louis Missouri. This center represents Tech Mahindra’s readiness to invest in the local communities and cities in which it operates.

“The new center will be primarily focused on developing technologies like micro-services, automation, artificial intelligence, security, machine learning, cloud computing, big data and analytics, and blockchain,” the company said in a statement.

“As well as the center will also be focused on creating job opportunities for local and will also leverage the Tech Mahindra’s learning and development platforms to help train the local talents in key digital skills.”

The Managing Director and CEO of Tech Mahindra, CP Gurnani, recently spoke on the development, saying, “We believe that it’s our responsibility to invest in the local communities we operate in and this is a step towards supporting and increasing employability of future technologists and will be delivered to enhance the experience of our customers globally. We are looking forward to seeing the innovations that come out of this center as we develop the real-world solutions for a digital future.”

Gurnani also linked the development of this center to Tech Mahindra’s incubator program, TechM Nxt, which will be investing in 20-30 startups in the areas of AI, robotics, IoT, fintech, and cybersecurity.

“This new center is in line with Tech Mahindra’s TechMNxt charter, which focuses on leveraging next-generation technologies and solutions to disrupt and enable digital transformation and to build and deliver cutting-edge technology solutions and services to address real-world problems to meet the customer’s evolving and changing needs,” he explained.

City officials also expressed their excitement over Tech Mahindra’s investment.

“Tech Mahindra’s investment in the experiential learning program designed for our students and young professionals, along with the creation of local employment opportunities, will further support us in building the future of St. Louis,” said Bill Hennesy, O’Fallon City Mayor.


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