How HP’s Sustainability Strategy Connects to $700 Million in Revenue

It doesn’t get much better than this. HP, which has made tremendous efforts to incorporate sustainable business and manufacturing practices into its services and products, is seeing the good come back to them – in big bucks. Nate Hurst, HP Inc.’s chief sustainability and social impact officer, calculated that nearly $700 million in new revenue […]

Sometimes, good things need to fall apart so better things can come together. After struggling for a long time to reconcile the very different characteristics of its business, GE recently announced it would be unloading its healthcare business in what will be one of the biggest corporate breakups in recent years. HP, which went through […]

Dell EMC Surging Ahead in the Global Server Market

Research from Gartner shows that Dell EMC is pulling ahead of competitors in the global server market, and took the top position for the first three months of 2018. The company took pole position in both revenue and shipments, beating out HPE, Lenovo, and IBM. Dell EMC took 21.5 percent market share in revenue and […]

IBM Partners with Environmental Tech Startup Veridium in Blockchain Venture

IBM’s investment in blockchain technology continues to expand with the announcement of its new partnership with Veridium, an environmental tech startup. Veridium will be using IBM’s technology to issue and manage carbon credit-backed tokens on the blockchain networks. Let’s unpack that one. Carbon credits are tradable credits that dictate how much carbon dioxide a company […]

Field Service Management Market Expected to Grow to $5.08 Billion in the Next Five Years

The importance of the field service management industry has been on the rise, and it is not slowing down any time soon. New market research from MarketsandMarkets estimates the market size of field service management will grow from $2.56 billion to $5.08 billion by 2023. For companies, particularly in manufacturing, field service management helps maintain […]

Hyperconvergence: What It Is and Why You Should Care

Hyperconvergence (HCI) is an IT framework and data center set up that helps IT operators and administrators prioritize software workloads over hardware systems. It does this by combining storage, computing, and networking into one system with the purpose of reducing complexity and increasing scalability. The central theme of hyperconvergence is that the value of keeping […]

HP Has Created the World’s Smallest Laser Printer for Your Workspace

It’s no surprise that HP, the world’s leader in printing solutions, is the one to bring us the smallest laser printer in the world, designed to fit any personal workspace. The HP LaserJet Pro M15 and M28 series are the smallest printers of their kind and are designed to give small businesses and professionals a […]

Big Things Ahead for Dell as the Company Considers Acquisitions – or Even an IPO

Is Dell Technologies, the world’s largest privately held technology company, finally considering an IPO? Alternatively, is the Texas-based computer maker going to make new acquisitions to shake things up? We do not know all of the details yet but according to sources close to the matter, Dell’s board of directors meeting later this month will […]

Michael Dell Working Towards a Reverse-Merger of VMware

The tech world is zeroed in on Dell, which is expected to lay out its strategic options regarding a reverse-merger with VMware, a maker of virtualization software, by the end of this month. This deal would take Dell Technologies back into the public market. With this deal, Dell stands to gain an advantage — A […]