Windows 7 Support is Ending Soon, and Most Businesses are Woefully Unprepared

The news that Microsoft will be discontinuing its free support of Windows 7 in January 2020 is hardly new, but it isn’t creating the stir one might expect. According to research from SpiceWorks, around 79 percent of organizations have at least one Windows XP device on their networks. Two-thirds of these companies are preparing to […]

Global PC Market Rises, and so Does Dell

Despite experts’ concern over the U.S.-China trade standoff, global PC shipments increased to 63 million units, a 1.5 percent increase, in the second quarter. Gartner noted two key factors influencing this trend, which, so far, is bucking the expectation that demand would slip given trade tensions. The first factor is the strong demand from businesses […]

Benefits of the Apple and Best Buy Partnership

Only last month, Apple announced it would be partnering with Best Buy to expand its service centers to include all of Best Buy’s ~995 physical locations across the United States. This move greatly expands Apple customers’ access to repair and service centers, especially in underserved cities where there might not be existing centers. “At Apple, […]

HP Releases 2018 Sustainable Impact Report

HP, a global leader in both tech and sustainable business practices, recently released its 2018 Sustainable Impact Report. The report features key milestones and achievements the company has reached thus far as well as further commitments it is making towards creating more sustainable and community-oriented business practices. HP has long remained an industry leader in […]

New Tech Mahindra Technology Center Opens in St. Louis

Tech Mahindra, a leading Indian software company, recently announced the development of a new technology center in St. Louis Missouri. This center represents Tech Mahindra’s readiness to invest in the local communities and cities in which it operates. “The new center will be primarily focused on developing technologies like micro-services, automation, artificial intelligence, security, machine […]

Dell is Giving a Red Light to Eye-Damaging Blue Light

Did you know that the blue light in common LED lighting, like most office and home spaces, can damage your retina and interfere with the body’s natural sleep cycle? According to a well-reported French study from the French Agency for Food, Environmental and Occupational Health & Safety (ANSES), individuals should be conscious of the damaging […]

HP Creates 3D Printers with 3D Parts

You’ve heard of 3D printers, and you know they can print everything from toys to car parts to human parts – but we bet you haven’t heard of one printing its own parts. HP recently released the HP Jet Fusion 5200 Series 3D printer, its latest 3D printer that’s made from 3D printed parts. Not […]

HP Invests Additional $2 Billion to Help Reduce Ocean-Bound Plastics

HP, which has a strong reputation for its sustainability and environmental efforts, just announced a $2 billion investment in a new plastic washing line in Haiti. According to the company, which joined NextWave Plastics last October, this is the single most significant investment in direct supply chain development to address marine litter ever. Talk about […]

Research from Spiceworks Shows Customers Already Favor HaaS

As the interest and demand in ‘aaS’ product offerings continues to grow, ‘Hardware as a Service’ (HaaS) becomes increasingly popular. In fact, a recent Spiceworks study indicates there are already many businesses using HaaS, and the number is likely to grow. Surveying customers in Europe and the U.S., the 2019 State of Hardware as a […]

Tech Mahindra Investing in Reskilling Over 70 Percent of its Workforce

Tech Mahindra, in partnership with Nasscom, successfully reskilled over 70 percent of its workforce in necessary and valuable digital skills. Working with Nasscom’s FutureSkills, Tech Mahindra developed programs and initiatives to successfully reskill and upskill its employees to make both them and the company competitive in the future. Tech Mahindra’s TechMNxt charter is the driving […]