Cisco’s Right on Track, AKA Right Where it’s Always Been

Remember a few years ago when every tech company dropped what they were doing to collectively champion software as the be-all-end-all of enterprise computing needs? Yeah, we do too. When the tech world realized that everything was headed for the public cloud, hardware lost its hype and its funding as nearly every company began focusing […]

Dell is Pulling its Weight (2 Billion Pounds of It) in Recycled E-Waste

Dell is well known for its Legacy of Good campaign, and for good reason. It is one of the leading technology companies when it comes to recycling responsibly and contributing to the environmental conservation movement through its e-waste management practices. Dell’s Legacy of Good campaign goal was to recycle two billion pounds of e-waste by […]

Tech Mahindra is Committed to Lowering its Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 22 Percent by 2030

Indian IT giant Tech Mahindra recently committed to lowering its total greenhouse gas emissions by 22 percent by 2030, in accordance with the Paris Agreement, a UN agreement designed to address global climate change beginning in 2020. Tech Mahindra’s committed reduction by 22 percent is part of a larger company goal to reduce total emissions […]

Cisco is Branching Out Into Industrial IoT and Networking

Cisco is launching itself into the world of industrial IoT with a complex series of new switches, software, development tools, and IoT blueprints. These tools combine IoT, industrial networking, and intent-based networking while featuring classic IT security, monitoring, and app-development support.  That’s a daunting task, but Cisco is well prepared to take it on. The […]

It’s Time for Automated Field Services Incidents

The field services industry is designed to handle countless incidents day-in and day-out. A problem comes in, the clock starts counting, and a solution comes out as quickly as a technician can bring it to life. This system existed efficiently for decades, but is it time for a new system of intelligence? It would appear […]

Not Sure How to Recycle Your Old Electronics? Best Buy is Here to Help

New year, new you, right? This year, we should all play our part by helping minimize our e-waste through recycling and repurposing efforts. But honestly, sometimes that’s easier said than done. We all know how to recycle an empty soda can or an old report that’s just taking up space on the desk. But when […]

Tech Mahindra is Forbes Highest-Ranked, Non-U.S. Company

Tech Mahindra, one of India’s leading IT providers, is recognized as the highest ranking, non-U.S. company on Forbes Digital 100 list of 2018. The Indian IT giant came in at number 15 on the Forbes list and is one of only three non-U.S. companies to make the top 20. According to Forbes, the Forbes Digital […]

IBM, Red Hat, and the Future of the Multicloud World

The news IBM acquired Red Hat in a $34 billion dollar deal ground the technology world to a rare halt. The deal is the largest software acquisition in history as the two companies merged in late October this year. Both companies stand to gain much from this merger. IBM gains Red Hat’s extensive knowledge and […]

Hotel and Airport WiFi Have Nothing to Feel Insecure About

Do you get nervous when an airport’s WiFi asks for your info? Do you browse off your phone’s hotspot in order to avoid dodgy hotel WiFi? It might put you at ease to hear you’re stressing over *virtually* nothing. These WiFi networks are now more secure than they’re ever been. Why’s that? A little something […]

Lenovo Announces 21 Percent Rise in Q2 Net Profit, Beating Expectations

Chinese PC maker Lenovo Group experiences strong growth during this year’s second quarter, celebrating net profits of $168 million. This 21 percent rise in net profit is a significant boost from last year’s $139 million and analyst’s estimate of $118 million. What contributed to these high returns? An increasingly diverse product mix targeted towards premium, […]