Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO of TCS, Says the Tech Industry’s Opportunities Today are Bigger than Ever

While some may be nervous about the sweeping changes and increasingly fast paced nature of the tech industry, Rajesh Gopinathan, CEO of India’s Tata Consultancy Services, is not among them.

As technology and strategy become increasingly important to corporations around the globe, tech hubs like India are feeling the pressure to evolve or burn out. But according to TCS’s CEO, the true struggle these companies are facing is one of creativity.

“The industry has been overdoing the negativity,” says Gopinathan, 46, during an interview in his Mumbai office. “We have the largest technology talent pool in the world—400,000 people—and if we can’t figure out how to grow from here, then there’s something wrong.”

He has good reason to be positive about the future. With his stock up 50 percent since he took on the role of CEO in January, investors are more confident about TCS than ever before. The company is now worth $100 billion – that’s more than its next four rivals combined.

A lot of this success comes from initiatives Gopinathan has put into place during his first six months in office. These include meeting with clients to address questions and concerns, overhauling his management team, retraining employees, and investing in emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence.

Gopinathan is under no illusion that TCS must continue to evolve in order to stay on top of the industry. “It is aligning yourself for the future,” he says.


Source: Live Mint, TCS, Economic Times, CNN Tech