TCS aims to get more women into tech

“Just as an organisation needs the right talent to drive its business objectives, people need the right environment to grow and achieve their career goals.” (MyKindaFuture)

As TCS continues to collaborate with MyKindaFuture, they are looking for “exciting and dynamic companies to help tackle the current UK STEM skills shortage” according to a recent article published by Business Matters Magazine. So TCS launched a new initiative called the Best School Trip, which is designed and delivered by MyKindaFuture. “TCS opened its doors to 35 female students, offering activities, challenges and an inspirational Q&A session as part of the company’s work in creating the next generation of technology specialists.”

TCS Director of HR, Nupur Singh Mallick published an article on LinkedIn recently sharing this news saying, “Through our work with MyKindaFuture, we have partnered with hundreds of schools across the country, recruited 15 students onto the TCS’ MISSION YOU work experience programme and hosted seven online challenges with more than 600 participants. We believe it is up to businesses like us to work with the next generation to encourage, as well as demonstrate, the value of a career in STEM.”

Later in the article, Mallick went on to say, “At TCS, a third of our 371,000 strong staff are female and we realise the importance of having a diverse and well-educated talent pool.” (Full LinkedIn Article)