Tech Mahindra Investing in Reskilling Over 70 Percent of its Workforce

Tech Mahindra, in partnership with Nasscom, successfully reskilled over 70 percent of its workforce in necessary and valuable digital skills. Working with Nasscom’s FutureSkills, Tech Mahindra developed programs and initiatives to successfully reskill and upskill its employees to make both them and the company competitive in the future.

Tech Mahindra’s TechMNxt charter is the driving force behind this reskilling initiative.

Jagdish Mitra, Tech Mahindra’s chief strategy officer and head of growth, said, “We believe that successful digital transformation lies in ‘disrupting one’s own business before others do.’ As part of our TechMNxt charter, we are investing heavily in reskilling employees in next-generation technologies like blockchain, cybersecurity, AI/ML, robotics, and automation, and 5G.”

Through TechMNxt’s four-tier internal training program and partnerships with online education partners like Pluralsight,, and FutureSkills, Tech Mahindra can reskill its employees in a multitude of technologies that are vital for future growth and development. This approach, combined with its partnership with Nasscom, makes this substantial investment both possible and worthwhile.

“Our partnership with Nasscom has majorly aided this digital transformation journey aimed at reskilling associates in the organisation, to make them digital savvy,” says Mitra. “In the near future, we are targeting at least 50 percent revenue share from digital businesses while continuing our growth trajectory of around 30 percent YoY.”






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