Think Your Brand is Limited to Your Digital Presence?

The importance of customer service, for any brand, company, or industry, can never be stressed enough. It’s vital to brand experience and, more importantly, the consumer experience.

Why is it so important? A Nielsen study has shown that over 50 percent of consumers are more likely to try a new product from a familiar brand than switch brands. But what does the consumer experience mean for today’s companies? Who are the ambassadors and representatives that make this crucial connection with customers? In service related industries, field service technicians are playing a bigger role than ever before in the realm of consumer experience.

Nowadays, customers demand a high level of visibility, personalization, and control from the brands and companies with which they interact. They want to speak to and work with real people and get real, valuable takeaways from those interactions. When there’s a problem, they want to understand what’s happening and why. This demand makes customer relations, on the human-to-human level, a significant differentiator and selling point for brands, whether it’s Amazon or a local energy company.

Things like controlling appointment times, receiving full, timely reports of services rendered, and monitoring progress are all ways in which a customer can control and understand their experience with a brand. On the ground, this experience is largely executed by field service technicians across various industries.

Another big part of this new and improved field service? The development of mobile service strategies.

Advantages of mobile service strategies include:

Customers can get urgent appointments faster with shorter time windows because mobile scheduling apps give dispatchers greater flexibility to dynamically schedule or reroute technicians.

Access to customer and equipment histories give technicians additional input regarding particular jobs, which can improve first-time fix rates.

Technicians can order the necessary parts online or through a mobile app while still at the customer’s house or office.

Connections to dispatchers, engineers, and support staff enable technicians to make better and agiler field decisions.

Information captured by technicians can be shared in near real-time with marketing and sales teams for appropriate customer follow-up.

Moving forward, the ability to harness the technological opportunities related to the consumer experience, such as mobile service strategies, and align them with prompt, friendly, and efficient service operations will help companies gain an edge over competitors. When every action taken by a field service technician reflects on the brand and the consumer experience, their growing importance certainly can’t be overlooked.

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