Tom Burns of Dell EMC Made a Bold Bid Against “Traditional” Proprietary Networking

“Dell EMC networking boss Tom Burns is setting the company up for battle, pitting the Round Rock, Tex., IT giant and open networking advocate against industry stalwarts Cisco and HPE,” says Matt Brown of CRN.

About two years ago, Dell announced its open networking initiative. According to a Dell press release, “Dell is driving a new open ecosystem that stimulates innovation with best-of-breed, standards-based network equipment, networking operating systems and network applications to serve customers’ unique business needs. Benefits and value of the open networking model include:

  • Best-of-breed networking for workloads, application and other networking needs including orchestration, automation and monitoring;
  • Consistent view across data center resources with a common deployment and operational model; and,
  • Rapid standards-based innovation and availability of abundant open source data center solutions.”

In a recent blog by Tom Burns, he discussed the advances in Dell EMC’s open networking over the last three years. The post highlighted the “key differences between the company’s open model and the proprietary model that has until now kept Cisco on top of the market.”

It was clear in this post that Burns was drawing a clear difference between the open networking model that Dell EMC is using and the other more “traditional” model. This is a bold and direct poke at Cisco and their proprietary networking.

The same post also offered a preview of some market moves that Dell EMC may potentially make. “Any battle, any competitive RFP, generally Cisco is there, and we’ll see HPE, Arista and Juniper, and we’ll win, but it takes a bold move,” by customers, Burns said. “It’s a bold move to move away from tradition.”

Source: CRN