What visa restrictions? It’s business as usual at Tech Mahindra

While many top Indian software and tech companies feared the increased restrictions on the U.S. H1B visa would hinder progress, Tech Mahindra has found ways to make it work for them.

The C P Gurnani, has said Tech Mahindra will be working to hire more American workers and train them in emerging technologies. He explains this decision in a letter addressed to senior officials from the company, informing them of the shifting policies designed to decrease the company’s reliance on H1B visas.

Tech Mahindra has always embraced the philosophy of globalisation to build on its ability to train and hire local talent in whichever market it serves. For the US, we have a dedicated organisation and our associations with academic institutions are enabling that,” he said.

“It needs to be recognized that root cause for the need for skilled workers to be brought in on H1B visas has been, and is, the shortage of skilled workers in (the) USA. The proposed measures should address that gap,” he says.

Gurnani also expressed concern over the recent accusations that Indian IT firms have abused the H1B visa system, saying he believes this campaign “to discredit our sector is driven by persistent myths,” such as the ideas that H1B visa holders are “cheap labour” and “displace American workers.”

“We have always maintained that the Indian IT Sector has no problem with measures aimed at protecting American workers. The essential point we make is that rules that apply selectively to only some companies that account for less than 20 per cent of H1B visas are not going to protect American workers and will, in fact, harm US companies and their ability to create and maintain jobs in the US,” Gurnani told employees.

Sources: Business Standard, Yahoo Finance