What’s Happening with the IT Jobs Market in India?

India’s premier English Business News channel, ET Now recently interviewed Tech Mahindra CEO, CP Gurnani, about the IT jobs market in India.

When asked about any potential threats the Trump presidency could pose to the Indian IT sector, Mr. Gurnani replied, “Trump has been very clear that he does not want the displacement of low-skill workers. We by definition only provide high-skill workers… In the long term, I think Indian IT industry will do very very well.”

Talent Management: “It is not only the US. The world is now about localization. When you talk about localization, qw are now talking about the world where the local skills have to be upgraded so that we continuously are able to deliver projects.”

Staying Competitive: “I am very confident that a) it is an opportunity for India, India to get more aggressive into platforms, more aggressive into the BRIC and click economy, more aggressive to create products. At the same time, overall the way the technological collaboration works, the way this whole connected world works it is really easy to create a connected collaborative environment.” CP goes on to say, “We do realize that we will have to continuously evolve our service offerings. The world around us, whether it is IoT or digitization, the opportunities are immense.”

Job Displacement by Technology: “Any automation means job displacement… one part of the job will go away, that is certain… Are we going to spend enough of our energy in skill upgradation, because the world also needs new skills. And I believe there is still a lot to be done, because the new age skills are almost ambidextrous. You need people who understand technology, who understand processes, how to take advantage of the world of automation and artificial intelligence – to use machines to create new possibilities.”

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Source: The Economic Times: India Times