Who We Are

Worldwide TechServices traces its corporate history back to 1951 and the founding of Wang Laboratories. For over 65 years, WWTS has been providing innovative information technology services and solutions to the world’s leading technology providers, outsourcers, businesses and consumers.

Worldwide TechServices’ vision is to become recognized as the global leader in IT services, software and solutions delivered by dedicated professionals  through scalable processes that lead the industry in business value and customer experience.

More People

Last year 8,000 qualified technicians received over 250,000 certifications, supported 10M devices and closed close to a million service calls in 127 countries.

More Places

Worldwide TechServices spans the globe, bringing service professionals to doorsteps in every major market in more than 127 countries. Our presence in over 127 countries and continued expansion means that we can support your Global technology challenges.

Global delivery. Local presence.

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