Our Services

Worldwide TechServices is an Information Technology service provider offering complete lifecycle management solutions. We are continually expanding our global reach, our global service offerings, and the technologies we support. WWTS offers:

  • Worldwide program management and project teams who are dedicated to each account. Their focus is on supporting the client, ownership of the service event including customer satisfaction, and Service Level Objective/Service Level Agreement metrics.
  • Consistent and repeatable delivery processes all from our Worldwide Information Technology System (WWITS).
  • Complete technician authorization from within our WWITS system.
  • A global learning management system to track technician certifications ensuring the right resource is assigned to each and every service event.
  • A 24X7 global command center for customer and technician communications including technical support for technicians.
  • A dedicated logistics management organization featuring a direct interface with all major freight carriers.
  • Industry-leading, real-time, self-service reporting and management tools.
  • Many years of outsourcing experience, onboarding, and successfully transitioning resources to WWTS.

Our growing global footprint and continued services expansion allow us to meet your IT lifecycle management services and your outsourcing requirements.