Worldwide Service. It’s in our name and it’s what we do. IT Service is our first and only business.

Our Company

Worldwide TechServices (WWTS) traces its corporate history back to 1951 and the founding of Wang Laboratories. From its origins as a service division of Wang, the company has grown by keeping its focus on delivering superior IT services, while expanding its people and systems to cover a global presence.

The History of Worldwide TechServices

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Dov Horowitz

President & CEO

Michael Kilduff

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Hipskind

Executive Vice President

Jaimie McKean

Executive Vice President

General Counsel

Lloyd Nolan

Executive Vice President

Andy Wayne

Executive Vice President

American Technology Services

Brian MacNeil

Sr. Vice President

Bob Johnston

Vice President

Jim Leith

Vice President

Karen Moriarty

Vice President

Rick Noonan

Vice President

Ted Parker

Vice President

Wm. "Scott" Schmokel

Vice President


Mission Statement

Our mission is to seamlessly provide innovative IT solutions of the highest quality to our clients worldwide.

Our Impact


Worldwide TechServices takes its role as a corporate citizen seriously. We pursue a variety of environmental and social responsibility programs. For details on our efforts in these areas, please read this document.


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